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Kyle and Don by Bonnie-Lizzie
Kyle and Don
The anatomy is not strong with this one :icondarthvaderplz:

New characters... Kyle, Don. Wife, man. Angel, human...

Yeah, I know, I still really need to refine their overall designs. I'm not super happy with Donald's look... But meh...

And sorry about the quality of the scan? Not sure what happened there. I tried scanning multiple times, but the picture always came out all janky XD
Some People Might Say His Sword is Too Big... by Bonnie-Lizzie
Some People Might Say His Sword is Too Big...
... But, to him, it's just not big enough.

Have some more Some Guy. I was rebelling against sleep, and just kinda... *gestures vaguely to the strange drawing as I casually walk away*
Character Sketches by Bonnie-Lizzie
Character Sketches
Just some character sketches I did the other night.

The top two characters are siblings: Some Guy, and Tess [enter last name here]. I'm still working on a good last name for her... I just created her, so she's way underdeveloped, still. But she's a sheriff, so, being the lame person I am, I want her name to sound like "Test Me". Any suggestions?

OK, so the bottom two... That's probably my millionth attempt at drawing Shoe - No matter what I do, he looks like Markiplier! XD I've tried so many times to change his design, but this is the only one that really fits his personality. I originally designed Shoe before I even knew who Markiplier was, so I'm having a hard time changing his face for the sake of looking overly distinct...

And the girl at the bottom is Annachel - :iconzazou14:'s character that she made for our character-developing-story-of-fun. It was my first time drawing her, as she was created... about three weeks ago? XD

Hopefully I can do character sheets on all of them sometime in the future... 
Would You Kindly? by Bonnie-Lizzie
Would You Kindly?
I, ah... eeeh... Trying out different styles. Found the round-ended paintbrush, so I'll be using a lot more of that... I don't know how I feel about this pic. I like it, but I don't at the same time XD I need way more practice. I usually have lineart or contour lines to guide me, so this was a challenge. But, again, if I plan to do more with this kind of style of art, I need a LOT more practice...

This is a remake poster for a fanfiction I'm writing... or rather, rewriting. 


Background courtesy of Sirius-sdz…

Original Poster design:…   (I tried to look up the original artist's name, but I couldn't find anything. Sorry! pleasedon'tsueme )
Holly Cohen, I Assume... by Bonnie-Lizzie
Holly Cohen, I Assume...
I'll probably end up editing this picture later, but whatever...

I also was trying something out with lineart - Which reminds me... LINEART. IT NOW EXISTS ON YOUR SCREEN FROM MY TABLET. You're welcome. (Even though I know it's crap, but I gotta practice, yeah? This counts, bub).

Anyways, this is a character for a Bioshock Fanfiction I'm trying to finish this Summer. I don't really feel like explaining her last name, so let's not get into that (Major spoils, ugh).

This is literally just an old sketch I did, I just went over it on my tablet so I could get it in color. I did it about a month or two ago, so that was my art style then, I suppose. And this is what happens when you're bored in, ironically, Art Class : P

Side note: How do anatomy?


The Author
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Well, hello there. Fancy meeting you here.

How's it going? That's interesting. What do you for fun? Really?! Amazing!

Oh, me? You wanted to talk about ME? That's silly, why would I want to-- HEY! WHO THREW THAT? WAS IT YOU? IT WAS YOU, WASN'T IT? O-OK, fine, put the chair down! Maybe sit on it! Just chillout, OK?


So, my name is Bonnie. I play games, write stories, draw silly things, and make painfully awful puns on my spare time. As it is, I currently don't have a job ;A; Though I was thinking about making a RedBubble account so I could sell things - I'll keep you updated on that, if you just so happen to be interested, pft.

Let's see, what else... I love to voice act. If you ever need a hand with voice acting, just hit me up and I'll see what I can do - My mic is not all too magical, though, but I'll give it a shot.

I think that's all, folks.


If you're a friend and you've got a PS3, go ahead and add me: Bonnie_Lizzie

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